We are so fortunate to live in an exceptional country full of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. We must never lose sight of the founding principles that make our nation truly unique. Rush believed with all his heart that our American blessing of freedom allows for incredible opportunities to succeed. In his honor, we will continue to encourage others to pursue their dreams no matter where they started or what challenges they face.

The Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh Family Foundation awards scholarships to well-deserving individuals who are passionate about education, reaching the highest heights, and preserving American values. Below you will find information on each scholarship and application details.


in honor of Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

The American Patriot Scholarship was created in honor of Rush Hudson Limbaugh III. From a young age, Rush worked tirelessly to become the greatest radio host the world has ever known, with over 30 million weekly listeners. Rush was an unwavering American patriot who stood courageously for our founding values and a philanthropist of the highest order. He believed strongly that as Americans, we are incredibly fortunate to live in a miraculous country with limitless potential for all.

The American Patriot Scholarship is available to those who demonstrate a commitment to the ideals laid out by Rush Hudson Limbaugh III: hard work, creativity, dedication, sacrifice, courage, and integrity. Please see the link below for additional details and to apply.


in honor of Richard Douglas Rogers

The American Hero Scholarship honors Richard Douglas Rogers, the father of Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. Richard was a Naval Academy graduate and submarine officer who served during the height of the Cold War. After his military career, he transitioned to the role of international manager in locales such as the Philippines, Jamaica, and Indonesia. A family man, he was always concerned with demonstrating to his grandchildren the value of hard work and dedication, letting them know that with these efforts a bright future lies ahead.

The American Hero Scholarship is available to those whose parent, grandparent, or guardian is a current or former U.S. Military service member or first responder. The applicant or nominee must demonstrate a commitment to the values of the United States of America, including patriotism, leadership, determination, and strong character. Please see the link below for additional details and to apply.


in honor of Rush and Mildred Limbaugh

The Proud American Scholarship honors Rush, Jr. and Mildred Limbaugh, Rush and David’s wonderful parents. Rush, Jr. served as a combat pilot during World War II and was extremely knowledgeable about current events, law and politics of the day. Millie was a natural gifted entertainer with a graceful wit while also being beautiful, kind, and brilliant. Millie listened to young Rush for hours as he began his love for radio at only eight years old practicing broadcasting on a vintage radio from his bedroom. Living in the heart of America in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, they believed fundamentally in American exceptionalism, the idea that our values maintain our cherished freedoms.

The Proud American Scholarship is available to those who show, through their actions and studies, a love for the values that make America great. Please see the link below for additional details and to apply.


by Rush Revere and Liberty

The Rush Revere Scholarship benefits young readers from the ages of four and fifteen years old. Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh wrote the bestselling Adventures of Rush Revere Series to teach accurate American history to young people in a fun way. Liberty the talking horse, Rush Revere, and the Manchester Middle School “Crew” travel back in time to meet historical figures like Abigail Adams and learn about events and people directly from the source.

The Rush Revere Scholarship is available to young people who demonstrate a love of reading American history and showcase their scholastic talents through creativity, passion and hard work. Rush Revere and Liberty encourage young readers to dream big and strive for the highest levels of personal success! Please see the link below for additional details and to apply.